Amtrol FT-110-1 Fill-Trol Expansion Tank and Fill Valve 4.4 Gallons

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The Amtrol FT-110-1 Fill-Trol is a combination expansion tank and fill valve designed for use in closed-loop hydronic heating and radiant heating systems. Here’s a breakdown of its key features and benefits:


  • Expansion tank: Holds excess water that expands due to heating, preventing pressure spikes and protecting your system components.
  • 4.4-gallon capacity: Suitable for small to medium-sized hydronic heating systems.
  • Fill valve: Automatically replenishes the system with water when pressure drops, maintaining optimal system pressure.
  • FILL-TROL system: Eliminates the need for a separate fill valve, simplifying installation and maintenance.
  • Pre-charged to 12 psi: Ready to use right out of the box.
  • Heavy-duty steel tank: Ensures long-lasting durability and reliability.
  • Air vent and purger: Allow for easy removal of trapped air and maintenance of the tank.


  • Protects your system: Prevents pressure buildup and damage to boilers, pumps, and other components.
  • Maintains optimal system pressure: Ensures efficient system operation and heat transfer.
  • Reduces maintenance needs: Automatic fill valve eliminates manual water refills.
  • Easy installation and maintenance: Simple connection and pre-charged tank simplify the process.
  • Durable and reliable: Heavy-duty construction and air vent/purger ensure long-lasting performance.

Things to consider:

  • System size: Ensure the 4.4-gallon capacity is sufficient for your specific hydronic heating system.
  • Connection size: Check the fitting sizes to ensure compatibility with your system piping.
  • Pre-charged pressure: Verify the 12 psi pre-charge is suitable for your system’s operating pressure.
  • Installation requirements: Consult your system’s manual for proper installation procedures and safety information.

Overall, the Amtrol FT-110-1 Fill-Trol is a versatile and reliable solution for hydronic heating systems. Its combination of expansion tank, fill valve, and pre-charged convenience make it a popular choice for homeowners and professionals alike. Remember to confirm its compatibility with your specific system before purchasing.

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