AO Smith 100112342 Burner Assembly for Natural Gas

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The AO Smith 100112342 is a burner assembly for natural gas water heaters. It’s a crucial component for generating heat in your water heater, ensuring a steady supply of hot water for your home.

Key Features:

  • Natural gas compatibility: Designed specifically for natural gas water heaters.
  • 16-inch burner: Common size for residential water heaters, providing sufficient heating capacity.
  • #37 orifice: Regulates gas flow to the burner, ensuring optimal combustion and performance.
  • Genuine OEM part: Made by AO Smith to meet their quality and performance standards.
  • Durable construction: Built with high-quality materials to withstand the harsh environment inside a water heater tank.

Benefits of using the AO Smith 100112342 burner assembly:

  • Reliable performance: Ensures consistent hot water supply for your home.
  • Improved efficiency: Proper gas flow and combustion lead to optimal heat generation and reduced energy consumption.
  • Safety: Complies with safety standards and regulations for water heater components.
  • Long lifespan: Durable construction ensures long-lasting performance and minimizes the need for frequent replacements.

If you’re looking to replace the burner assembly in your AO Smith natural gas water heater, the 100112342 is a good option. It’s a reliable and durable part that will get the job done.

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