Beckett Genisys 7505B1500U Advanced Oil Burner Control

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The Beckett GeniSys 7505B1500U Advanced Oil Burner Control is a 120 VAC primary safety control for residential and light commercial oil burners used in boiler, furnace, and water heater applications. It’s known for its reliability, efficiency, and advanced features that ensure safe and optimal burner operation.

Here’s a breakdown of the GeniSys 7505B1500U’s key features:


  • Primary safety control: Provides critical safeguards against flame failure, ignition lockout, and overheating, ensuring safe operation of your heating system.
  • 15-second lockout: Automatically shuts down the burner for 15 seconds after an unsuccessful ignition attempt, preventing overheating and fuel waste.
  • Cad cell flame sensing: Utilizes a reliable cad cell flame sensor for accurate flame detection and immediate shut off in case of flame loss.


  • Interrupted/intermittent ignition: Offers both interrupted and intermittent ignition modes for efficient fuel usage and reduced wear on the burner components.
  • High-efficiency operation: Optimizes fuel combustion for improved heating performance and reduced energy costs.

Advanced features:

  • 24 VAC thermostat compatibility: Works with both mechanical and many power-stealing thermostats for flexible control options.
  • LED indicators: Provides clear visual status of the burner operation, including power, ignition, and lockout.
  • Easy installation and maintenance: Designed for simple installation and straightforward troubleshooting for qualified technicians.

Overall, the Beckett GeniSys 7505B1500U Advanced Oil Burner Control is a reliable and feature-packed option for controlling your oil burner. Its focus on safety, efficiency, and user-friendliness makes it a valuable choice for ensuring safe and optimal heating performance in your home or business.

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