Bell and Gossett 186863LF Bearing Assembly

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The Bell & Gossett 186863LF Bearing Assembly is a crucial component for several Bell & Gossett pump models. It plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of the pump by providing support and minimizing friction for the rotating shaft. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the 186863LF Bearing Assembly:


  • Oil-lubricated: This type of bearing assembly utilizes oil for lubrication, which helps to reduce friction and wear, extending the lifespan of the bearing and the pump itself.
  • Bronze fitted/all bronze: Different variations of the 186863LF exist, some with bronze sleeves fitted within the bearing housing and others constructed entirely of bronze. Both offer durability and resistance to corrosion.
  • 1/2″ shaft: Designed for pumps with a 1/2″ diameter shaft.
  • Replaces various models: This single bearing assembly can be used as a replacement for several Bell & Gossett pump models, including PD-35, PD-37, 60 “AA,” and 1522 series pumps.
  • Pre-assembled: The bearing assembly comes pre-assembled with all necessary components, including the shaft sleeve, bearing, and seals, simplifying installation.


  • Reduces friction and wear: The oil-lubricated design and durable materials minimize friction, leading to smoother operation and extended pump life.
  • Prevents overheating: Proper lubrication also helps to prevent overheating, protecting the pump from potential damage.
  • Improves efficiency: Reduced friction translates to improved pump efficiency, potentially leading to lower energy consumption.
  • Easy installation: The pre-assembled design makes installation quick and straightforward, saving time and effort.
  • Versatility: Compatibility with multiple pump models offers flexibility for various repair and replacement needs.

Things to consider:

  • Model compatibility: Ensure the 186863LF matches the specific model of your Bell & Gossett pump before purchasing.
  • Oil level: Maintain the proper oil level within the bearing assembly for optimal lubrication and performance.
  • Professional installation: While generally straightforward, consider seeking professional assistance for pump repair and bearing replacement, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the process.

Overall, the Bell & Gossett 186863LF Bearing Assembly is a reliable and effective solution for maintaining the smooth operation and longevity of your Bell & Gossett pumps. Its durability, ease of installation, and compatibility with various models make it a valuable choice for both DIY enthusiasts and professional technicians.

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