Bell & Gossett 185332LF Bearing Assembly – Fits All New Style 60 Series Pumps, Lead Free

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The Bell & Gossett 185332LF Bearing Assembly plays a crucial role in the smooth and efficient operation of your Bell & Gossett Series PD and Series 60 pumps, specifically bronze-fitted and all-bronze maintenance-free models. Here’s a comprehensive overview:


  • Shaft Support: The assembly houses and supports the pump shaft, allowing it to rotate smoothly and minimize vibration.
  • Friction Reduction: High-quality bearings within the assembly significantly reduce friction between the shaft and the pump housing, preventing excessive wear and tear and extending the pump’s lifespan.
  • Power Transfer: It efficiently transfers power from the motor to the pump impeller, generating the force necessary to move water.

Key Features:

  • Standard Seal (Buna/Carbon/Ceramic): This robust seal ensures watertightness and reliable operation for years to come.
  • Complete Unit: Includes all necessary components pre-assembled, such as bearings, shaft sleeve, seal kit, and volute cover gasket, simplifying the repair process.
  • Maintenance-Free Design: Eliminates the need for routine lubrication, making pump maintenance easier and more convenient.
  • Lead-Free Construction: Safe for use in potable water applications, complying with lead-free regulations.


  • Bell & Gossett Series PD and Series 60 Pumps: Specifically designed for bronze-fitted and all-bronze maintenance-free models like Series 601S, 602S, 603S, etc.
  • Double-Check Model and Size: Always ensure the 185332LF assembly matches your specific pump model and size for optimal compatibility.


  • Extends Pump Life: Timely replacement of a worn-out assembly prevents further damage and keeps your pump running smoothly for years to come.
  • Improves Pump Performance: Eliminates noise, leaks, and reduced flow associated with worn bearings, restoring optimal pump efficiency.
  • Cost-Effective Repair: Replacing the assembly is often significantly more economical than complete pump replacement.
  • Convenience and Efficiency: Pre-assembled unit allows for a quicker and easier repair process, saving you time and effort.

Things to Consider:

  • Professional Installation Recommended: While technically feasible for DIYers with plumbing experience, proper installation involving precise alignment and leak prevention is crucial. Consulting a qualified plumber is highly recommended, especially for critical plumbing systems.

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