Bell & Gossett 186862LF Lead Free Seal Kit

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The Bell & Gossett 186862LF Lead Free Seal Kit is a common replacement part for pumps in hydronic heating and boiler systems. Here’s what I know about it:


  • Replaces worn or damaged seals in Bell & Gossett pumps, especially series e-80, Series e-1510, Series e-1531, and Series e-1532.
  • Maintains a watertight seal between the rotating shaft and the pump housing, preventing leaks and ensuring efficient operation.
  • Helps extend the life of the pump by protecting internal components from water damage and wear.

Key Features:

  • Lead-free construction: Complies with modern regulations and health standards.
  • Buna-N/Carbon/Ceramic construction: Durable materials suitable for hot water and various operating conditions.
  • 1-1/4″ inside diameter: Fits pumps with shafts of that size.
  • Easy to install: Can be replaced by homeowners with basic plumbing skills or by a professional plumber.


  • Bell & Gossett pumps in the listed series, particularly used in hydronic heating and boiler systems.
  • Other pumps with compatible shaft size and material requirements.

Things to Consider:

  • Match the kit to your specific pump model: Verify if the 186862LF is the correct seal kit for your pump.
  • Professional installation recommended: While DIY installation is possible, consulting a qualified plumber is recommended for optimal performance and safety, especially when dealing with water leaks and pump systems.


  • Bell & Gossett offers other seal kits for different pump models and sizes.

Overall, the Bell & Gossett 186862LF Lead Free Seal Kit is a reliable and durable option for replacing worn seals in compatible pumps. Its lead-free construction, suitable materials, and ease of installation make it a popular choice for both homeowners and professionals.

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