Dornbracht 27818979-08 Platinum Hand Shower Set W/ Cover Plate

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The Dornbracht 27818979-08 is a luxurious hand shower set with a cover plate, finished in the brand’s signature Platinum Matte. Here’s a breakdown of its features and details:


  • Bar-type hand shower: Features an anti-scale system and backflow preventer for efficient and hygienic showering.
  • Cover plate: Measures 240 x 60mm and adds a sleek and minimalist aesthetic to your shower wall.
  • Shower hose: Measures 3/8″ x 1/2″ x 1250mm and provides ample flexibility for reaching different areas while showering.
  • Wall elbow: Includes a backflow preventer for safety and connects the shower hose to your plumbing system.
  • Shower outlet: Connects the hose to the hand shower.
  • Wall bracket: Securely holds the hand shower in place when not in use.


  • Platinum Matte: Offers a contemporary and high-end look that complements various bathroom styles.

Additional Features:

  • Rectangular Deque design: Provides a modern and elegant aesthetic.
  • Anti-scale system: Prevents limescale buildup for effortless maintenance.
  • Backflow preventer: Ensures clean water flow and prevents contamination.


The Dornbracht 27818979-08 is a premium hand shower set that combines functionality with a luxurious design. It’s ideal for those who appreciate sleek aesthetics and top-notch quality for their bathroom.


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