Dornbracht 36310979-06 X-Tool Volume Control Trim Platinum Matte, Trim Only

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The Dornbracht 36310979-06 X-Tool Volume Control Trim in Platinum Matte is a sleek and stylish component designed to enhance your shower experience.


  • This trim primarily serves as a volume control knob for your shower system.
  • It’s part of the Dornbracht X-Tool collection, known for its minimalist and functional design.


  • Platinum matte finish: Offers a contemporary and luxurious look that complements various bathroom styles.
  • Wall-mounted: Installs directly onto the wall, providing easy access for adjusting water volume.
  • Trim only: This product is just the decorative and functional part of the volume control unit. It likely requires a separate internal mechanism for operation.


  • This item is compact and discreet, blending seamlessly with your shower space.
  • The weight is listed as around 0.64 pounds, suggesting a sturdy yet lightweight construction.

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Weight 0.64 lbs


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