Field Control CAS-2B Fresh Air Kit for Beckett AF AFG Models, Includes 4inch Air Intake Hood, AirBoot and Vacuum Relief Valve

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Overall, the Field Control CAS-2B Fresh Air Kit is a valuable addition to any system using a Beckett AF or AFG oil burner. It promotes safety, efficiency, and optimal burner performance.


This kit provides a safe and efficient way to deliver fresh combustion air directly to your Beckett AF or AFG oil burner. It replaces the need for drawing air from inside the building, preventing potential issues like carbon monoxide buildup and reduced burner efficiency.

Key Features:

  • 4-inch Air Intake Hood: Connects to the outside of your building to draw in fresh air.
  • AirBoot: Directs the incoming air directly to the burner, ensuring proper combustion.
  • Vacuum Relief Valve (VRV): A crucial safety feature that vents excess or negative pressure in the intake system, preventing potential burner malfunction or back-drafting of flue gases.
  • Burner compatibility: Specifically designed for Beckett AF and AFG oil burners.
  • Improved efficiency: By providing clean, fresh air, the kit can help optimize burner performance and potentially reduce fuel consumption.
  • Enhanced safety: Eliminates the risks associated with drawing combustion air from inside the building.

Additional Information:

  • The kit also includes all necessary mounting hardware and gaskets for installation.
  • Installation is recommended by a qualified technician familiar with oil burner systems and safety regulations.
  • The specific model number of the CAS-2B kit may vary depending on the supplier, but the core components and functionality remain the same.

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