General Wire T6FL-DH Auger With Drop Head

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The T6FL-DH General Wire Auger, also known as the General Pipe Cleaners Teletube® T6FL-DH Down Head Heavy Duty Closet Auger, is a manual toilet auger designed for clearing clogs in toilets and drains.

Key features:

  • 6-foot long Flexicore® cable: This double-layer spring construction is resistant to kinking and breaking, making it ideal for navigating tight bends and traps.
  • Down head attachment: This flexible head helps the cable follow the contours of the toilet bowl and trap, improving clog removal effectiveness.
  • Teletube design: The outer steel tube houses an additional 3 feet of cable that can be extended by pressing a button and pulling the crank handle. This allows you to reach clogs further down the drain without removing the toilet.
  • 1-1/8″ outer diameter: This large diameter provides additional strength and stability for tackling tough clogs.
  • Vinyl grip handle and bowl guard: These features protect your hands and the toilet bowl from scratches and damage.
  • Easy cable replacement: If the cable ever gets damaged, it can be easily replaced without needing to buy a whole new auger.

Typical uses:

  • Clearing clogs caused by toilet paper, hair, soap scum, and other debris.
  • Retrieving lost objects from the toilet bowl.
  • Clearing clogs in drain lines that are accessible through the toilet.


  • Effective at clearing tough clogs
  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Durable construction
  • Affordable


The T6FL-DH General Wire Auger is a well-regarded option for clearing clogs in toilets and drains. Its versatile design, durable construction, and effective clog removal capabilities make it a good choice for both homeowners and professionals.

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Weight 6.74 lbs

General Pipe

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Galvanized Steel

Cable Length

6 Feet


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