Honeywell R845A1030 Honeywell Switching Relay

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Switching Relay provides DPST switching for hydronic zone controlled heating systems or SPST control of two separate loads. One load must be line voltage; the other may be either line or low voltage. The R845A may be directly controlled by any 2-wire series 80 thermostat, such as the T86A Round Thermostat or T852A Electric Clock Thermostat


  • Switching relay with internal transformer, provides Dpst switching for hot water zone control systems, or spst control of two separate loads
  • Enclosed intermediate Dpst switching relay for 24 volt 2 wire thermostat control of one line voltage and one line or low voltage devices. 120 volt primary power supply
  • Integral transformer provides low voltage power for control circuit
  • DPST; one pole line voltage, the other line or low voltage


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