HydroLevel 48-3250 Fuel Smart Hydrostat 3250-PLUS Oil Control Coiler Reset

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The HydroLevel 48-3250 Fuel Smart Hydrostat 3250-PLUS is a three-function control designed for oil boilers. It’s known for its ability to save fuel and enhance boiler efficiency through various features. Here’s a breakdown of its key aspects:


  • Fuel savings:
    • Thermal Targeting: On-board microprocessor adjusts boiler temperature based on heating demand, preventing unnecessary heating cycles and saving fuel.
    • Outdoor Reset Ready: With an optional outdoor sensor kit, the Hydrostat automatically adjusts boiler temperature based on outdoor temperature, further optimizing fuel usage.
    • Thermal Pre-Purge (optional): Utilizes latent heat remaining in the boiler from previous cycles, reducing fuel consumption during startup.
  • Boiler protection:
    • Low Water Cut-Off (LWCO): Provides automatic boiler shutdown in case of low water conditions, preventing potential damage.
    • Temperature Limit: Protects the boiler from overheating.
  • Versatility:
    • Cold Start or Warm Start operation: Adapts to different boiler types and heating system configurations.
    • Universal Design: Replaces various common cold-start and triple-action aquastats.
  • Ease of use:
    • Easy to set up and use: Features dial-type limit settings and clear operating indicators for intuitive control.
    • Prioritizes domestic hot water: Ensures consistent hot water supply by giving priority to low-limit settings or indirect water heater calls.
  • Additional features:
    • Reduces condensation: Holds circulator off until boiler reaches 125°F, preventing condensation buildup.
    • Operating indicators: LEDs, dynamic display, and test button provide continuous status checks.


  • Reduced fuel consumption and energy costs
  • Enhanced boiler efficiency and lifespan
  • Improved comfort and consistent hot water supply
  • Increased safety and protection for your boiler
  • Easy to install, set up, and use

Things to consider:

  • Compatibility: Ensure the Hydrostat is compatible with your specific boiler model and fuel type.
  • Optional features: Some features, like Thermal Pre-Purge, require additional accessories.
  • Installation complexity: While generally easy to set up, consult a qualified technician if needed.

Overall, the HydroLevel 48-3250 Fuel Smart Hydrostat 3250-PLUS is a valuable upgrade for oil boiler systems. Its fuel-saving capabilities, safety features, and user-friendly design make it a popular choice for homeowners seeking to optimize their heating system’s performance and efficiency.

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