Taco 110-24 Cast Iron 3 Piece Circulator Pump 1/12Hp Less Flanges

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The Taco 110-24 Cast Iron 3 Piece Circulator Pump is a versatile and reliable option for efficiently circulating heated or chilled water in residential and commercial hydronic systems. Here’s a breakdown of its key features and functions:


  • Circulates water in hydronic systems: Ideal for residential heating and cooling applications, including radiant heating, baseboard heating, chilled water loops, and hot water recirculation.
  • Efficient performance: Features a resilient mounted, split phase motor with built-in overload protector for reliable operation and energy efficiency.
  • Durable construction: One-piece non-ferrous impeller, stainless steel shaft, and rugged bronze sleeve bearing ensure long-lasting performance and resistance to corrosion.
  • Quiet operation: Designed for minimal noise, making it suitable for residential installations.

Key Features:

  • 1/12 HP motor: Suitable for most small- to medium-sized residential hydronic systems.
  • 115V power supply: Standard household voltage for easy connection.
  • 11 GPM flow rate: Delivers sufficient water flow for typical residential applications.
  • 10 ft maximum head: Provides adequate pressure for circulating water through most system configurations.
  • Flanged connections: Simplify installation with easy connection to existing piping.
  • Multiple speed settings: Allow you to adjust pump performance to match your specific system requirements.
  • Factory tested: Every pump is tested before shipment to ensure reliable performance.
  • Easy maintenance: No special tools required for servicing, with nationwide parts availability.

Things to Consider:

  • System compatibility: Ensure the pump’s flow and head specifications match your system’s needs.
  • Pipe size compatibility: Verify the flanged connections match your existing piping.
  • Professional installation recommended: While DIY installation is possible for experienced individuals, consulting a qualified plumber is recommended for optimal performance and safety, especially for hydronic systems involving electricity.

Overall, the Taco 110-24 Cast Iron 3 Piece Circulator Pump is a well-regarded choice for residential hydronic systems requiring efficient and quiet water circulation. Its durable construction, multiple settings, and ease of maintenance make it a popular option for various heating and cooling applications.

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