Taco 1600-868CRP Circulator Pump Seal Kit

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The Taco 1600-868CRP Circulator Pump Seal Kit is a complete kit containing the necessary parts to replace the worn-out seals on your Taco Series 1600 or 1900 in-line pump. Here’s a breakdown of its components and functions:

Kit Contents:

  • Mechanical seal: The primary component, responsible for preventing water leakage between the rotating shaft and the stationary housing.
  • Gaskets: Ensure proper sealing between the pump body and other components.
  • Impeller bolt and washer: Secure the impeller, a crucial part for generating water flow.
  • Grease packet: Lubricates the shaft and bearing for smooth operation and extended lifespan.

Benefits of Replacing the Seal Kit:

  • Prevents leaks: Worn-out seals can lead to water leaks, potentially causing damage to your system and surrounding areas.
  • Improves pump performance: Replacing worn seals restores optimal efficiency and water flow in your pump.
  • Reduces noise: Worn seals can contribute to increased pump noise. Replacing them can restore quieter operation.
  • Extends pump life: Proper maintenance with seal replacement helps prevent premature pump failure.


  • Specifically designed for Taco Series 1600 and 1900 in-line pumps.
  • Ensure the kit part number (1600-868CRP) matches your pump model for proper compatibility.


  • Replacing the seal kit requires disassembling your pump. If you’re not comfortable with plumbing tasks, it’s recommended to consult a qualified plumber for safe and accurate installation.
  • Resources like Taco’s installation manuals or online guides can provide step-by-step instructions for specific pump models.

Overall, the Taco 1600-868CRP Circulator Pump Seal Kit offers a reliable and cost-effective solution to maintain optimal performance and prevent leaks in your Taco Series 1600 or 1900 in-line pump. When replacing the seals, ensure compatibility and consider seeking professional assistance if needed.

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