Watts 3/4Inch RK009M3 Total Repair Kit 0888527 – Complete Kit with 1st and 2nd Check and Relief Valve

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The Watts 3/4″ RK009M3 Total Repair Kit is a comprehensive package containing replacement parts for repairing and maintaining Watts 009 Series Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly (RPZ) backflow prevention devices. These devices are crucial for protecting your potable water supply from contamination caused by backflow, a reversal of the normal water flow.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s included in the RK009M3 kit and its key benefits:


  • First Check Valve Repair Kit (RK009M3-CK1): This kit includes the disc, seat, and cover o-ring for the first check valve, ensuring proper sealing and preventing backflow.
  • Second Check Valve Repair Kit (RK009M3-CK2): This kit contains the disc, seat, stem, and diaphragm assembly, as well as the cover o-ring, for the second check valve, maintaining its functionality and preventing backflow.
  • Total Relief Valve Repair Kit (RK009M3-RV): This kit includes the seat, seat o-ring, stem o-ring, cover o-ring, and relief valve spring, ensuring the relief valve opens and closes properly to release excess pressure and prevent backflow.
  • Retainer (RK009M3-RE): This component holds all the check valves and the relief valve in place within the RPZ assembly.


  • Comprehensive repair: The kit provides all the necessary parts for repairing and restoring the functionality of your Watts 009 Series RPZ assembly, addressing potential leaks, drips, and backflow issues.
  • Cost-effective: Replacing individual parts with the kit is often more affordable compared to buying a whole new RPZ assembly.
  • DIY-friendly: The kit typically comes with instructions for straightforward installation, making it a manageable repair for most homeowners with basic plumbing skills.
  • Prevents backflow: Maintaining a properly functioning RPZ assembly is crucial for protecting your health and safety by preventing contaminated water from entering your potable water supply.
  • Extends RPZ life: Replacing worn-out parts with the kit helps prolong the lifespan of your RPZ assembly and avoid costly replacements.

Things to consider:

  • Model compatibility: Ensure the RK009M3 kit is compatible with your specific Watts 009 Series RPZ assembly model. Double-check the model number before purchasing.
  • Tools and skills: While generally straightforward, replacing parts within an RPZ assembly might require basic plumbing tools and skills. If unsure, consider seeking professional assistance.
  • Safety: Backflow prevention is critical for protecting your health and safety. Ensure proper installation and testing of the repaired RPZ assembly to guarantee its effectiveness.

Overall, the Watts 3/4″ RK009M3 Total Repair Kit is a valuable and cost-effective solution for maintaining your Watts 009 Series RPZ assembly and safeguarding your potable water supply from backflow contamination. Its comprehensive contents, ease of installation, and focus on safety make it a wise choice for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals.

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