Weil McLain 511330090 Control Module UT-1107-1 for CGI Boilers

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Key Features:

  • 10-second pre-purge: Clears the combustion chamber before ignition for safety.
  • Dual solenoid valve control: Manages water flow for domestic hot water and heating.
  • Low voltage port: Allows connection to external devices (e.g., thermostats).
  • Compatibility: CGS, CGT, and CGI series boilers from Weil-McLain.

Specific Functions:

  • Manages ignition sequence: Coordinates spark ignition, gas valve opening, and flame sensing.
  • Monitors flame: Ensures continuous combustion for heat production.
  • Operates gas valve: Regulates fuel flow to the burner.
  • Initiates safety shutdowns: Detects potential hazards (e.g., flame loss, overheating) and shuts down the boiler to prevent accidents.
  • Communicates system status: Provides feedback on boiler operation and error codes via LED lights or external connections.

Installation and Replacement:

  • Typically located inside the boiler cabinet.
  • Replacement requires electrical and gas line disconnections.
  • Consult a qualified HVAC technician for proper installation and troubleshooting.

Additional Considerations:

  • Specific model variations: The UT-1107-1 may have minor variations for different boiler types.
  • Compatibility: Ensure the exact module model matches your boiler for optimal operation and safety.
  • Troubleshooting: Refer to manufacturer’s documentation or consult a technician for error codes and troubleshooting steps.

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