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The Proper Toilet Paper Holder Placement

The Proper Toilet Paper Holder Placement

How often do you think about the placement of your toilet paper holder? If your holder is in a normal place, probably not often. But for anyone who’s toilet paper holder is in an odd or uncomfortable place, you probably think about it every time you need to twist your arms behind your body to reach for some toilet paper. If you’re stuck in that scenario, then you need to consider moving your toilet paper holder into a proper place.

But what is the proper place? Do you just plop it down somewhere near the toilet?

toilet paper holder

Believe it or not, there is a correct place for your toilet paper holder. The National Kitchen and Bath Association has been studying bathroom ergonomics for over fifty years and they use those studies to suggest ideal flow and exact measurements for every aspect of a bathroom, including your toilet, shower, sink, towel bar, and even the toilet paper holder. Based on their studies, there are two big factors to consider when you are placing your toilet paper holder: height and distance. Veer too far in either direction and you’ll be uncomfortable every time you go to the bathroom.


When it comes time to consider the distance between the floor and your toilet paper, 26 inches is the ideal number. The National Kitchen and Bath Association suggests installing a wall-mounted holder 26 inches from the floor. They also suggest that the 26 inches is “on-center.” If you’re not familiar, “on center” means that you end the measurement at the center of the holder rather than the top or bottom.


This height works for almost all toilets, including standard, comfort height, and handicapped toilets.


The distance from the toilet is also important. People have a tendency of putting the holder right next to the toilet bowl, but putting it that close could mean struggling with yourself when you need to get some toilet paper. Ideally, the holder should be 8 – 12 inches in front of you from the front of the toilet bowl. To keep it accurate, make sure you measure from the very front of the toilet bowl, not the middle or the back of it. Also consider who will be using the toilet the most. If it is for shorter members of the household or children, you will keep it closer to the 8 inches so they can comfortably reach. For taller people, put it further away.


If you’re looking to remodel or update your toilet paper holder, check out our beautiful variety of toilet paper holders here.

If moving your wall-mounted holder may be too much of a project for you right now, consider using a free-standing toilet paper holder instead. They take up more floor space than a wall-mounted one, but they are much easier to move.

What do you think? Do these measurements make sense to you?


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